Spells for A New America

Can You Dream Beyond  Oppression?





**As we write this we dream with tears in our eyes. We are imagining now for our very lives. We are imagining back from the greatest crisis of our time, the failure of white supremacy to believe that the rest of the world, that even the world itself matters.

That is why our imagination is our greatest weapon.. We must imagine beyond ourselves and our socialization. Now more than ever we need stories that can be our heartbeat, a north star, a map to the way out of this mess. It is a call for freedom in a moment of pain. It is a radical dreaming.

For this goes beyond the predator-in-chief, but also beyond all predator dominator culture. How do we dream of interdependence? Create spells, patterns, lyrics of common elements that are not a counter-narrative but a justice-narrative, a future narrative that people can listen to, build to, add and make their own. There is a future that can hold many futures, where we survive and even thrive. Can we find her through a collective imagining? She reaches backward and forward to us. She whispers in our dreams “find me and I will find you”. She calls through questions into this moment.

Are we brave enough to keep dreaming, hold the door open for possibility? Are we fierce enough to hold the door open as despair, anger, and greed would close it? Are we fierce enough to hold the door open as despair, anger, and greed would close it? Can we love ourselves enough not do the oppressors work for them, to stop our loved ones from self-erasure?

We believe without hesitation the answer is YES!

We are the future and the ones we have been waiting for. As the anxiety of this presidency attempts to shut down our sense of possibility, one of the most radical acts we can do is hope boldly.

This is the core of the Spells for a New America a Living Speculative Anthology of Resistance. We have come together to create a space for movement dreamers, organizers, and makers to join us in creating a living spell to imagine a future we have won. We are asking folks to send us stories, essay, poems, lyrics that we invite others to step into. It is okay for there not to be answers but if we can co-create a future forward that begins with resistance and ends in resilience we have a chance to tell our children we won when we decided first not to surrender our future, our hearts, our hope.







We are asking folks to send us stories, essay, poems, lyrics that feel resonant to this call. We do not have parameters on the timescape. You could be writing in real time about what it is like to organize around the Muslim Ban, or from the future in a cooperative healing farm reminiscing about the last days of white supremacy.

We believe all kinds of stories are needed to understand this crisis of imagination and we want to help our species birth it. We believe the creation of the spell is as healing  and future-shaping as the reading and casting of the spell. And it is our miraculous responsibility to shape the future.**

We want all the dreaming that you can share.  We invite stories, essays, poems, lyrics, illustrations and yes, even spells that feel resonant to this call. 

As this is an anthology we prefer submission length to be 1000 to 14,000 words. Please submit your content to our email at spellsforanewamerica@protonmail.com. Submissions will end 11-11-2017. 

If you have any questions please contact us!